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02/08/2018 21:10Russian hero pilot who blew himself up rather than be taken prisoner was defended by wingman ...    ( Daily Mail )
The wingman of a Russian fighter pilot who was downed by an terrorist-fired missile and chose to detonate a grenade on himself rather than be captured tried in vane to save his fallen commander, it has emerged. The unnamed gunner of the second Sukhoi-25 jet accompanying Major Roman Filipov on ...
02/06/2018 11:20VIDEO: Russian pilot screams 'this is for our guys' before death in Syria    (
Russian pilot sets off grenade after landing in Syria to avoid capture by rebels -
02/06/2018 09:30Objectives and methods    ( (press release) )
The death of the Russian pilot, which yesterday was covered almost online network, has again raised some of the same issues from a completely private ... There is the report and a discount card of Vladivostok, the network shops, a number of other things managed to find his account in the “Classmates”.
02/06/2018 09:30The Morning Vertical, February 5, 2018    ( RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty )
Russia, Iran, and China have strongly criticized Washington's newly revealed policy plan to expand U.S. nuclear weapons capabilities in order to deter other countries. The Japanese government is ready to press forward on a joint urban-development proposal for Russia's Far East city of Vladivostok as ...
02/03/2018 15:30Russians warned that America will try to arrest them if they go abroad    ( The Times )
He was sentenced to 27 years last year for running a credit card and identity theft operation from his homes in Bali, Indonesia, and Vladivostok, Russia, and for selling millions of credit card numbers. Some of the alleged hackers seized last year have already been sent to the US, while others are still ...
02/02/2018 15:15Texas Rangers ordered to investigate Texas training center for USA Gymnastics    ( Stock News Press )
The former team doctor for USA Gymnastics was in a MI courtroom Wednesday for his latest sentencing hearing, preparing to face for more than 60 girls and women. The 54-year-old disgraced former doctor for Michigan State athletics and USA Gymnastics is facing sentencing for three molestations at ...
02/01/2018 07:30A series of attacks at Russian schools    ( World Socialist Web Site )
... by RBC, which referred to the accounts of fellow students, the teenager had problems with alcohol and drugs and followed skinhead and pro-Nazi websites on Vkontakte. That same day, a student released teargas at his school in Vladivostok, a major city in Russia's Far East, wounding four teenagers.
01/31/2018 15:00Hundreds Arrested in Anti-Putin Protest as Russian Presidential Vote Approaches    (Luxora Leader)
Protesters throughout Russia prove in assist of opposition determine Navalny - Luxora Leader
01/31/2018 11:05Tonne of bears' paws arrested at customs office in Far East    ( TASS )
VLADIVOSTOK, January 30. /TASS/. Operatives from a customs department in Russia's Far-Eastern Primorsky [Maritime] territory have detained three cars loaded with contraband commodities including weaponry, munitions, amber and a tonne of bears' paws, as well as body part of at least four Siberian ...
01/31/2018 03:25Russian opposition leader Navalny arrested amid election protests    ( Bangor Daily News )
“They took these elections away from us, they took away our votes. Our candidate was not allowed to run,” Vladivostok demonstrator Dmitri Kutyaev said. Navalny rose to prominence with detailed reports about corruption among top Russian officials, which he popularized on social media to circumvent ...
01/30/2018 19:30Russian opposition leader arrested at protest in Moscow    ( Ten Eyewitness News )
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was arrested in Moscow on Sunday, moments after he joined several hundred supports taking part in a nationwide protest against the upcoming ... Local resident of Vladivostok who turned up to protest, Vladimir Redko said, “We have not been given any choice.
01/30/2018 19:30Top Putin opponent urges Russia protesters to act 'for yourself and your future' amid protests, arrests    (Philippine Canadian Inquirer)
Russian opposition leader Navalny arrested amid protests - Philippine Canadian Inquirer
01/30/2018 15:00Secret Superstar rakes up Rs 420 Cr in China    ( ІnsіdĐľr CĐ°r NĐľws )
Putin foe Navalny detained, office raided as protests spread across Russian Federation As a police announcement intoned that walkways had to be kept clear, protesters shouted, "Putin's War", "Protest" and "Boycott". They marched in Vladivostok, in Russia's Far East, and they marched in Siberia's ...
01/30/2018 11:15Russian opposition leader Navalny arrested amid protests    (Fox News)
Putin opponent Alexi Navalny arrested during Moscow protests - Fox News
01/30/2018 11:15Russia opposition leader Alexei Navalny nabbed as protesters point to Putin poll fraud threat    (The New Daily)
Russian opposition leader arrested during anti-Putin protest - The New Daily
01/30/2018 07:40Navalny arrested as thousands rally against Putin    ( ThĐľ Hugo Observer )
Navalny himself served three jail sentences of 15 days, 25 days and 20 days for organising unauthorised protests past year. Supporters of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny attend a rally for a boycott of a March 18 presidential election in the far eastern city of Vladivostok, Russia, on January 28.
01/30/2018 07:40Hotel fire kills 2 on Russia's Olkhon Island    ( Xinhua )
VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- Two people were killed and seven others wounded in a fire that broke out at a hotel on Olkhon Island in Russia's Lake Baikal, local media reported Monday. The fire broke out on Sunday morning in the hotel that hosted eight South Korean nationals, ...
01/30/2018 03:25Russia's Navalny detained while protesters point to poll fraud threat    (The Daily Progress)
Police raid Russian opposition leader's HQ as protests arise - The Daily Progress
01/30/2018 03:25Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny arrested amid election protests    (DTN The Progressive Farmer (blog))
Russian Opposition Leader Arrested - DTN The Progressive Farmer (blog)
01/29/2018 23:05Police raid Russian opposition leader's HQ as protests arise    (Macau Daily Times)
Russia |Putin opponents mount protests across country ahead of vote - Macau Daily Times


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